1-1 Revised is the first level of VIP1-WORLD1, as well the beginning of VIP Mario 1. As the name suggests it is a remake of the first level of Super Mario World (Yoshi's Island 1 to be specific).


It starts off exactly like the original, a blue Koopa slides down a hill towards Boon, follow by a Banzai Bill. But there are some new additions: a couple muncher pits, more Rexes, Banzai Bills, and Koopas kicking shells, a new section jumping over and under small pipes, while being bombarded by Banzai Bills, and another new section of running over clouds and more pipes.

Around midway, you will find a text box, with an apple perched above it, that reads: Don't touch my dinner! (^w^). Otherwise, it's a pretty straightforward level.

VIP CoinsEdit

  1. Above a pit of munchers, use the Rex for jumping means
  2. To the right of a trio of sloping hills
  3. On top of a small pipe
  4. Above a silver pipe
  5. Below a bunch of yellow blocks, you must be big to break through them
  6. Near the end of the level, guarded by a Rex