A 'Fine' Bridge is the 4th level in VIP1-WORLD2. It is an unfinished bridge of many hazards and unfinished construction.


The level starts over a broken fence with some koopas and bullet bills. There is also a message that reads: This bridge is currently undergoing repairs. Please do not cross. After that you'll go up some wooden stairs guarded by a Splittin' Chuck. Then a platform that will take you up to more wood works. By here is a small cove with two 1-ups. Following that is a escalator system that take you to higher ground. Written in wire will "40Dead". Another broken net, then a rope slope. Watch out that you don't fall through, indicated by the triangular spaces. You'll also notice that the top pixels of the bridge are cut off. Across here is another rope slope heading up, with some more gaps in it. At the top is a Splittin' Chuck and a leap into stone floor. One more Splittin' Chuck after that, and the midpoint will be in sight.

Following the midpoint is a VIP Star and three 3-up moons, which all seem unobtainable. Up next are some rope platforms and a small leap. After the leap you will come across a room blocked off by purple bricks. Inside is a P-switch and several coins and blocks above. There is a note that reads:

Secret ExitEdit