A Trap! A Puzzle...? It's a is the first level of VIP1-WORLD2. Coming after a world of moderately easy levels, it is somewhat difficult and perplexing.


The level starts out with some expanding-contracting blocks, and a message that simply reads lol. Past that is lots of Koopas flying, walking and falling on some thin pipes. There's a VIP Star bouncing on a yellow pipe. Then after you'll reach solid ground, with lots of Koopas, Piranha Plants, and Bullet Bills. After that, you'll find a Yoshi block and a large gap that you will need a running start/ sacrifice Yoshi to reach. The midway point will be on the other side of that gap.

Continuing will be some plateaus and more enemies. You soon will notice a 3-up Moon; do not get it, it is a trap. Unless you have Yoshi to sacrifice, you will be stuck and forced to die. The message box in the trap reads:

"One moon for every stuck monkey. -This is using a Japanese wordplay method where common things are repeated. Think uraniwa niwa niwa-"

Following that trap is a puzzle of sorts. Make sure to have a cape or Yoshi. There'll be a P-switch on top of a stack of blocks. If you didn't have Yoshi/ a cape, you would use the shells provided to hit the blocks and free the switch. Following that is some platforms and coin lines. Before hitting the switch, make sure to remove some coins from the second vertical line of coins. Hit the switch and start running. The goal will be in sight, and to reach it you'll need to fly up or sacrifice Yoshi. But before jumping up to the goal, you must hit the invisible note block below the goal, by means of flying/ Yoshi/ jumping on the Chargin' Chuck. Otherwise, you will fall to your doom.

VIP CoinsEdit

  1. Above the screen, over a block, left of the solid ground
  2. Right of a green pipe that holds three Piranha Plants
  3. Right of the Yoshi block
  4. Right before the 3-up Moon trap
  5. Below the goal, where you need to hit the invisible note block