VIP Mario, Also known as VIP & WALL (& ALASKA) Mix is a series of Japanese SMW rom hacks made by members of 2channel board and the VIP News Board, all lead by VIPPER. The series is infamous for its difficulty, but famous for its clever level design, jokes and puns, and the obscure memes that replace most of the sprites.

Founder's NoteEdit

I found the VIP Series on Brutal Mario Wiki. The creator of Brutal Mario, Carol, had also helped make the VIP series, which is why there was a page dedicated to it. What immediately caught my interest was the custom sprites. Known as the Ascii Art Edition (AAE), the sprites were 2chan memes that were unknown in most countries. You can also play the game in Normal Edition (NE), but where's the fun in that? The custom sprites give the hack its charm and humor. I'm pretty sure that's why most people played it for.

After playing the first one for a while, I found the hack very intriguing. The game focuses on clever and challenging game design, as opposed to Brutal Mario's assembly (ASM) gameplay. So I decided to write a wiki dedicated to the series; the one you are reading right now! Besides making an encyclopedia, I want to make this wiki the spot of discussion for all VIP fans, as well for updates and other things. I hope to make this wiki as great as Brutal Mario Wiki!

Jarofrods (talk) 23:56, June 8, 2016 (UTC)