Bosses are powerful enemies, and sometimes major characters, that try to prevent the player's progression. Unlike a certain other hack, VIP Mario doesn't focus entirely on bosses. The bosses do, however, become more custom with every installation.


1. Iggy Koopa Partially Submerged Castle
2. Big Boo Ghost House and Boss Boo
3. Wendy Koopa Wendy's Mansion
4. Larry Koopa Wow~! It's Cold!
5. Morton Koopa Jr. This much stress? YOU MUST BE JOKING!
6. Reznor Fortress Piercing the Clouds
7. Reznor Go while Dodging the Bombardment
8. Lemmy Koopa Rolling-Thunder Lemmy
9. Roy Koopa Snowstorm Airship
10. Ludwig von Koopa The Laboratory!!!!!
11. Big Boo So Sadistic it's Dreadful!
12. Vipper Entrance to Bowser Castle