Dodge the Enemies, or more colloquially known as Dodge the Beefsteak, is the fifth level of VIP1-WORLD1. A grassy plains level in which you... dodge the enemies.


If you are playing the English translation, you will be greeted with a couple of text box messages from the translator, and they go like this:

[Dodge the Beefsteak] was Oyster's original translation and the reason why I made this at all. ----talkhaus's Horikawa Otane

----An accurate title translation would be [Dodge the Enemies!]

And the level does indeed have a lot of enemies to dodge. After that, you should find a block that contains Yoshi. Once you free him, he'll say to you: Yo, I'm Yoshi. You better take care of me! Continuing past that encounter is lots of pipes and music notes covering the pits.

After the midway point, bubbled enemies are thrown into the mix. You should come to a purple pipe that stops your progression. Go back until you find a green pipe that raises upwards to some raised platforms, hop across them to find a spring. After that, it's more enemies, pipes, and music notes. After that, the goal will be in sight, with a extendable pipe to help obtain more points.

VIP CoinsEdit

  1. When you find Yoshi, you should see a some raised platforms. Go right of them and you'll find a green pipe that extends upwards. Use it to reach the raised platforms, and jump across them to find the first coin
  2. In between a yellow and purple pipe
  3. On top of a lowly raised platform
  4. At the bottom of the last music note pits
  5. Right before the goal, out in the open

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