Fear of the Eternal Pufferfish is the seventh level of VIP1-WORLD1. It takes place above the water, and the dreaded Porcupuffer chases after you.


The first part of the level is a chain of islands, and there's nothing much standing in you way. A Porcupuffer will follow you around, and eventually two more will follow suit. After the midway point, you go across these aqueduct structures while Cheep-cheeps fly at you. Eventually the screen will start to auto scroll. There is very little land so you'll have to swim, all while dodging more fish. After all that you'll reach the goal.

VIP CoinsEdit

  1. Above the water and a bunch of coins
  2. In a ridge between two islands
  3. On top of the third aqueduct structure
  4. Over a pyramid-shaped aqueduct, during the auto-scroll
  5. Right before the goal