Frozen Summit is the fourth level of VIP1-WORLD1. A somewhat out of place level, it takes place on an icy mountain.


The level is very straightforward. It starts with some icy slopes and Koopas. A purple one helps you open an item box to get an apple. A little further you will find a bunch of ice blocks and a few hopping Flames. If you have a cape, you can break through the yellow blocks and find some "buried treasure". Continuing past that is a pipe to the next part, an icy cavern.

At the start of the cave is a pair of wings; if you have Yoshi, you can skip the rest of the level. Otherwise, it's off to climbing vines and avoiding Swoopers and white-shelled Buzzy Beetles. You then dive into the water and swim past Cheep-cheeps. After that, there'll be a pipe that leads to the goal.