VIP 1 Title Screen
VIP Mario 1 Is the first installation of the series. Created by 2channel and VIP News Board in 2008, it paved the way for a road of clever designs, jokes and memes.


The plot of the VIP series follows suit to Super Mario World's. Princess Cindele, ruler of the kingdom, was kidnapped by the villain/ manager of the VIP Series, VIPPER. It's up to 2chan mascot Boon, along with Yoshi, to stop VIPPER's evil schemes and return peace to the land.

There IS an introduction, which after being shot out of a pipe, goes like this:

VIP 1 Prologue

The game is made up of eight worlds, including a special one. The player can either traverse them linearly, or shortcut via the many different secrets. Along the way they will battle VIPPER'S minions, collect power-ups that will aid in the journey, and witness the game's many whims.

A goal in mind is to destroy each of the Koopalings' castles. After each castle is destroyed, it is followed by a cutscene with a nonsensical and humorous blurb, which usually doesn't add to the plot in any way.

The game starts out moderately easy, but entering the second world, the difficulty curve begin to steepen, and gradually gets worse from then on. At certain points you might even need to use an glitch, exploit, or a special trick, but usually they are only needed for secret levels.

In terms of ASM, or assembly: other than the custom sprites, there is not a lot gameplay-wise. Small things here and there, but nothing too much. The creators focused on using the vanilla assets to design crafty levels.

World SelectEdit

  1. World 1
  2. World 2
  3. World 3
  4. World 4
  5. World 5
  6. World 6
  7. World 7


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