The Use of a Switch is the second level of VIP1-WORLD1. The name suggests that the level teaches the player a few different ways of using a p-switch.


The level starts out with a bunch of enemies and slopes in Boon's way. A little bit after the midway point, you'll find a hill with some bomb-ombs and some blocks; one of the blocks has a vine that leads to a secret 1-up. Eventually you should also find a p-switch; the idea is you press it and it shows you the various things you can use it for, including:

  • Allowing access to loot, as shown with the 4th VIP coin
  • Creates platforms for travel, as shown by the bridge made above the Spinies
  • Turns blocks into coins for collection, as shown above the bridge

After that, there's some pipes, a staircase structure with more Koopas, and a series of holes and pillars that lead to the goal.

Secret ExitEdit

The Use of a Switch secret

Nearby the 1st VIP coin, you should see a couple of blocks that form a staircase. if you jump above them, you will find invisible blocks that lead to a key. Grab the key, as well the P-switch (double-grabbing will help). The hole that the last VIP Coin is above has the a keyhole at the bottom. Remove some of the coins so you don't get blocked off, hit the switch, and dive into the hole.

VIP CoinsEdit

  1. On the side of a cliff, guarded by a bunch of Koopas
  2. On a sloped platform after the first couple note blocks
  3. Next to a slanted pipe, guarded by a disco shell
  4. Encased in a rectangle of blocks, where you find the p-switch. use the p-switch to uncover it
  5. Above a pit, guarded by a paratroopa. Bounce off the paratroopa to collect it