Thrill Lift is the second level of VIP1-WORLD2. It is the second level in the "Thrill Lift" series.


It starts on a block staircase with a yellow baby Yoshi. You need to traverse the level by means of the pair of winged platforms. When the platforms start going under some green pipes, be on the leftmost platform, then midway of crossing, jump on the right one. After that there will be a small water section with lots of Koopas to dodge. The platforms will come back at the end of the section. Towards the next pair of yellow pipes the platforms cross under, make sure to be on the rightmost platform. After that the goal will be in reach.

To the right of the yellow pipes is a 1-up, and if you fall right before the goal you will find a sixth VIP coin and 3 additional 1-ups.

VIP CoinsEdit

  1. In the beginning, over the prize box
  2. Right before the water section
  3. After the water section
  4. Under two yellow pipes
  5. Before the goal
  6. In the secret area before the goal