The Special World

The Special World in VIP1 acts as a means of quick transportation to several different locations on the map. To gain access, you must find one of the six hidden special warps, unlockable once you complete their secret exit.

Once you find a warp, you gain access to one of the world's levels. This doesn't mean you need to find all the warps; the levels' secret exits connect each other together, forming a quick means of hopping to different worlds.

The only exception is the sixth warp; this one leads to the two outer levels that aren't connected to the other five. Completing these two levels will cause the world map to change colors/ seasons. The only enemy sprite change is bullet bills turning into gray cannon balls.

Level SelectEdit

Inner PathEdit

  1. Seventh Room
  2. Vipper Cave
  3. A 'Fine' Bridge R

Outer PathEdit

  1. So Unpleasant it's Surprising!
  2. So Terrible it's Sadistic!

Levels That lead to Special WarpsEdit

The Use of a Switch Seventh Room
Through the Underground River! Vipper Cave
Chaotic Athletic A 'Fine' Bridge R
Honeybee Hill Leads to all four previously said levels
( ^w^) Smooooth~ So Unpleasant it's Surprising!