• The beginning of the game
  • World 1 - Submap

The first world of VIP1 is relatively easy. It starts out with a couple of levels in the overworld, then heads into an enclosed valley; this is also where Yoshi resides, as well as Iggy Koopa in his partially submerged castle. His castle blocks the way to the proceeding world.

After Yoshi's House the path splits into two, giving the player a choice of route to the castle.

Level SelectEdit

  1. 1-1 Revised
  2. The Use of a Switch
  3. Yoshi's House
  4. Frozen Summit
  5. Dodge the Beefsteak
  6. Thrill Lift
  7. Fear of the Eternal Pufferfish
  8. Partially Submerged Castle

Secret LevelsEdit