The first part of World 3


The remainder of World 3

World 3 of VIP1 is a cave system that spans over two submaps. The difficulty continues to increase, especially showing at third Larry's icy castle.

At this point in the game, the path splits. If the player continues through the world normally and destroys the castle, they will be lead to most of the fifth world. Or, if the player finds the warp pipe via secret exit, they will be lead to the secret fourth world, as well the other part of World 5. Both paths eventually end up at Lemmy's castle.

Level SelectEdit

  1. Run Through the Underground River!
  2. Thrill Lift 3
  3. Slippin'
  5. Divin'. lol
  6. The Horrifying ----
  7. Wow~! It's Cold!

Secret LevelsEdit

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