The first part of World 5


The second part of World 5

World 5 of VIP1 is a somewhat broken up and split world. Continuing after World 3 you will be led to the first part of the world, which consists of athletic/ sky themed levels. Continuing after World 4, you will be led to the second and secret part of the world, which takes place on a rocky island. Both paths eventually end up at the world's castle.

The difficulty remains stagnant in both parts. Also for unknown reasons, Lemmy's castle is located in the beginning of the next world, though it is technically still part of World 5.

Level SelectEdit

First PartEdit

  1. Chaotic Athletic
  2. Above the Clouds
  3. Sky-Log Athletic
  4. Sky-Pier vol. 4
  5. Fortress Piercing the Clouds
  6. Rolling-Thunder Lemmy

Second PartEdit

These levels are also technically "secret":

  1. Mangrove Forest
  2. Go while Dodging the Bombardment

Other Secret LevelsEdit