Stupid horse! -raocow

Yoshi, aslo known as Horse, is an animal friend and one of the main characters of the VIP Series. He helps Boon throughout his many journeys.


Yoshi can be found stowed away in certain levels. When you hit his block, he hatches from his egg and is ready for riding. His best attribute is his long tongue that can eat many different enemies. He can also be used as an extra hit and be remounted, and can be jumped off for an extra boost.

Yoshi can also eat Koopa shells and spit them back out. And depending on what color shell is in his mouth, he will have different abilities:

  • A green shell doesn't give him any abilities
  • A red shell will turn into fireballs when spat out
  • A blue shell will give Yoshi the ability of flight
  • A yellow shell will allow Yoshi to ground pound when he hits the ground
  • A disco shell gives Yoshi all the abilities

These won't last forever, however, and eventually Yoshi will swallow the shell in his mouth. Unless you spit out the shell and re-eat it, there by "recycling" the shell.

Alternatively, there are three other colored Yoshis, each with a different trait: red spits fireballs, blue can fly, yellow can ground pound. Each one can eat any type of shell, and they will retain they're ability. Additionally, they can have an additional ability (i.e. a blue Yoshi with a yellow shell can fly and also ground pound).

The colored Yoshis start out as babies, and must be fed several enemies or one powerup to be fully grown.

Yoshis are not allowed to enter castles, ghost houses, fortresses, and certain levels that specify it. They also can't fit through two block high doors,and certain pipes that indicate with a sound.